Config & upload segment to Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the number #1 email marketing system in the world, with many outstanding features that allow you to perform email campaigns with levels from simple to complex. Alita platform connects directly with Mailchimp allowing you to conduct email marketing campaigns with Segmentation episodes on ALITA by direct & real-time connection method.

1. Configuration

Get API from Mailchimp

  1. Login Mailchimp

  2. Select Menu Profile -> Select tab Extra -> Select API Keys

  3. Create API Keys

Connect API Keys with ALITA

  1. Login ALITA Platform

  2. Select Setting -> Select Intergrated Partners

  3. Nhập Mailchimp Keys

Get Audience ID from Mailchimp

  1. Select menu Audience -> select Segment

  2. Select Setting -> Audience Name & Defaults

  3. Get Audience ID

Connect Audience ID to Alita

  • Select Setting -> Select tab Inergrated Partners

  • Enter Audience ID

2. Import Segment to Mailchimp

  • Select the Segmentation you want to import to Mailchimp

  • Click on the Mailchimp icon

  • Name the Tag (you will recognize this set of segments through the Tagging function on Mailchimp)

  • Import data (Only import data with email)

Check the amount of data on MailChimp

Note: During the import process, the amount of data will not reach 100% because Mailchimp's email filtering system has processed the email part that does not meet the standards.

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