Instructions for connecting LarkSuite is an extremely powerful business administration and customer management platform under ByteDance (Tiktok's parent company). Currently free for businesses with less than 50 employees and used by hundreds of thousands of businesses

Instructions on how to connect Alita x Larkstuite. Allows you to easily push the entire segment from Alita to Larks Base to facilitate the assignment of staff to care for and manage leads from Alita

1. Create App ID on Larksuite

Step 1: Go to Admin console

Step 2: Create App ID, description of App. Get App ID & App Secret

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Step 3: Fill App ID & App Secret to Alita

2. Fill Alita URL to Larksuite

Go to the App ID, select Security & Settings and fill Alita URL to Larks: the URL is :

3. Allow permission for Alita

Go to App ID, select Permission & Scopes and allow all permission to access the Bitable (Larks Base)

Back to Alita Setting, and authorize permission

4. Upload Segment to Larks Base

Select the Segment that you want to upload Larks, create the Bitable name

Double-check the data that is uploaded

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